Friday, April 17, 2009

ive got alot of questions that i dont have answers pretty sure you do too....lets talk sometime

Friday, April 03, 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Set yourself apart for it is in you to do so. Perhaps its time to give yourself and ask for nothing but too be happy in the collective no more than an owl in the tree tops of the forest, every now and then or when called upon to do your "who who"...or your "hoo hoo" guess it all depends. All the while beneath you and above you various parts of you and us fill in the blanks...its a sound that must be right can only be right. That is...if it becomes so. Its one, we are one every micro and every macro movement sound feeling emotion is one the connectivity blows my mind. Its too big to complicated but always right. Why? I dont know? It just is. Its always right even when i think its wrong. When i swear its wrong god dammit its wrong! Nope its right...facing that and facing yourself isnt easy, but what is? is to look inside and face it all the good the ALL. Dont believe a word from the world cause you are the world at least your world and really thats all that there is. Love is the only thing worth living for..and whether you know it or not thats what keeps you alive. So breath it in you beautiful bastards.....breath it in! Make up your own mind on everything and anything do not be one of the 87% who follow...inside of you there are instructions that you need to follow and they are called instinct follow them at all times. Just saying. Pay attention.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yeah so ive been prompted by a friend to keep blogging cause...well...i haven't been just cause usually when i do its 4:17 in the morning and im fucked up beyond all belief. So its 4:17 and i figure its probably the best time write some something..yeah why not...CHRIST...where do i start really so much has happened in the last...oh? I dont know is it a year? Fuck nose (with the hand signals...figure it out)? Up and down..up and down story of my fucking life. I got to say it keeps things interesting...the table im writing on seems to slide away from me as write i think i have to tighten some screws on this bad boy its like a new born f'ing horse..yeah even im laughing about it....however im here and your not and its really not that funny if youre not me and havent been to the places i have tonight and seen the things i saw and smelled i smelled....yada walked in the shoes....dig? Right so the blog...
ok so supposed to concentrate on them right? Good cause i am and positive things seem to be happening asides from the regular musician bullshit ego and the i me and it gang. Yeah its a gang...scary gang at that and youre probably thinking multiple personality kev shit but no im not talking about multiple personalities im talking real people and band dynamics the difficulty of keeping one together. Its hard and i will admit that i often dream about me and an acoustic guitar...honest simple songs and a simpler life. I think life is tellin me something but it hasnt persuaded me fully yet? You know? When it does happen and it will.... i.... mean fuck its just a matter of time and i will love it and make millions and millions of dollars singing sad songs to rich fat girls with great personalities and spend my summers in Hawaii at Robin Masters Estate while Higgins is givin me shit for not servicing the ferrari and every now and then i will go to the club to hang with Rick and T.C. and work as a private investigator mostly representing beautiful rich women with tons of money who will no doubt end up falling in love with me....only to find at the end of every case that that was just a cruel play on my love and that i had been hoodwinked....and realize that my only true love who died in a tragic plane crash is the only girl i will ever love...or is it? Tune in next week for the dramatic conclusion...which will be followed by Simon and Simon except for the west where 60 minutes will asking some billionaire some silly questions about why he and John Kerry dont get along...all that and Andy Rooney...god bless him...until then try to love somebody

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi blog...ive missed you, ive been living life and ignoring you and im sorry..but ive been so busy....busy busy busy....ive got a stomach ache right now. I never have them but now i it goes. Im just writing you to say life is good and were playing tons of shows.... everyone is different some are great some are not but i believe thats how life works?...up to this point anyhow? i have many many many stories in need to tell you and will in time but for now i have to go. Talk soon blog enjoy your time in the ether


Friday, March 06, 2009

So after nearly 6 years of playing with my band ive learned alot. Alot about music alot about people alot about life and alot about me. I realized that you cant please everyone...something that i guess ive always known but.....faced with the challenge i have tried to. Right or wrong. Music is really way more than sound...its energy its honesty its confidence its emotion...and when that emotion is pure and unbridled...thats when it connects....we play this "rock" set seamlessly and we have for awhile but is that what people want? Is that what i want? I dont think so...or at least im not sure...what i want is to challenge be honest in every strum of my guitar and every word i say with every fiber of my..... here comes the cliche my "being"...cliche as it may be thats what i want. There are so many levels in life in anything that you do no matter who you are...your maybe the guy or gal who just picked up the guitar or just wrote a poem or just did your first roundhouse or just caught your first wave or just kissed a girl or just did you're first line of coke or... or ...or ...or whatever. The point is i think...and im not sure and maybe i need to qualify more than most but so be it. Its those moments where you are bigger than yourself...where life stands still...where life ceases to be anything a place where you dont think you just feel.. the place where you somehow became who you wanted to be a place without critics a place without "no"...your own little garden where you live life on your own terms....."the place"...weve all been there and we all want to go back, and i think we can...its elusive as fuck its like tv remote its hard to find sometimes you look under the cushions of your couch..the bathroom....wherever!.... and you try to retrace your steps and you cant find it and then...when your not looking there it is again. Touch it feel it take it all in whenever that moment comes cause you can never be sure when its coming back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Cow!!! The power of television huh? Our Myspace is getting hammered after "the world wont wait" aired on CTV's Flashpoint on Friday and im delighted! I also played a Pullie Project show on Saturday night which was great i even sold all my T-shirts so i can eat...hooray! Anyhow things are good here its been along wait for this record but the wait is finally coming to an end....ive got some video of the PProject show and when i figure out how to get it up i will do so...there are a few tender tracks up on our myspace now from the upcoming release if you wanna take a listenclickhere

Heres a great photo taken By Meg Gribben from WGTS at our last Gig @ The Horseshoe in Toronto

Whats WGTS? Click Here